Roak's For Folks

So where do you start? Here is a list of things

  • Is the person on line in front of you trying to find a nickel to complete their purchase? Shell it out for them! You will be a hero for five cents.
  • Taking in your garbage and you notice your neighbor forgot to take his in? Take it in for him! He may never know you did it, but what you will know is that you had a small part in making a change in our world.
  • Offer to take in your friends' mail while she's on vacation. She'll appreciate knowing that her mail's being taken care of and that you do random acts of kindness because you care!
  • You're at a school function and someone looks a little self-conscious or out of place,  pull up a chair and talk to them a bit. Not only is that an act of kindness to them, but it's kind to you too- you may enjoy an interesting, relaxed conversation with someone you'd otherwise never have met! 
  • Pass on a funny forward to someone you know having a hard day. It takes a second, and you may just change their day for the better with the click of the button! Literally! 
  • Random is random! Call an elderly relative, an old friend, or a lonely aquaintence, and talk randomly for five minutes. You can save a life, change a person, or help a situation with just five minutes of your time.  
  • Pass on the RAOK message! Spread out the information- continue our work, be a supporter, get others involved, and show that you care about world peace. And that is the kindest act you can do for anyone.