The World Needs Improvement!

And who's going to make that change, if not you?

We need more nice people in the world- to make a difference in someone else's life. And who else can we call on? RAOK needs supporters to make our world full of kindness. That's why we're asking you for your help, ideas, and excitement.

"Ask not what kindness people can do for you, ask what type of kindness you can do for others"

You're on line in the supermarket with a full shopping cart, and someone walks up with two items in his hands- let him go before you! You're in the office, and you get up to get a coffee- see if anyone else wants one too! There are so many situations throughout your day where RAOK comes in.

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Hey America! Be part of a movement that will change the way people and strangers deal with each other forever! You can support RAOK by wearing our wristbands, shopping our mall, and telling friends to join our RAOK family! You know our goals, you know our plans- join them, and make it all work. We can do this- if we're in it together. Get your co-workers, get your students, get your classmates...ARE YOU THERE AMERICA?? Can you help us do this??

Commit yourself to doing Random Acts of Kindness, spreading the word, keeping it going- there's nothing like getting involved in something that counts, and there's nothing like seeing the results of your commitment. So, are you in with us??

 RAOK on!!